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"If you’re a social nut, you need Static"

Cult of mac

"offers a simple and clean interface"


"the important stats without any distracting fluff"


"a slick way to track stats"


"a fine, neatly crafted app & gorgeous"


Static for iPhone


Get control of your social Stats! 

Static is a critically acclaimed social stats tracker that filters out background noise to put the most important metrics from a variety of social media accounts at your fingertips.

” If you’re a social nut, you need Static ” Cult of Mac (Must-have App of the Week)
“offers a simple and clean interface” 148apps.com
“the important stats without any distracting fluff ” TUAW.com
” a slick way to track stats ” thenextweb.com
” a fine, neatly crafted app ” & ” gorgeous ” beautifulpixels.com

Lots of new features in the latest update – born out of all the feedback provided by our wonderful community! Keep it coming.


Static is the easiest way for content creators to keep up with how well their content is doing in their favourite social networks. Just published a blog post? How much traffic did you get as a result? How many new followers have you gained on Twitter? What about Facebook likes? Instead of hopping back and forth between apps/sites you can see your most important social networking statistics all in one place.


+ MONITOR MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS – Google Analytics data from multiple sites, multiple Twitter accounts etc.
+ MONITOR MULTIPLE METRICS from each account – Facebook follows/unfollows, likes etc.
+ PUSH NOTIFICATION functionality to help you identify problems as they emerge – triggered by lost audience. This can be adjusted in the settings screen to alert you if you lose 10,50 or 100 in a day (NEW)
+ NOTIFICATION TAB added to bottom of screen displaying recent notifications. (NEW)
+ AN ACCOUNT DETAILS SCREEN is now accessible and displays additional information about your most important metrics – if your total number of followers/subscribers has increased/decreased/notchanged, top pages/top referrers/top keywords/visitors/views for Analytics etc. (NEW)
+ VIEW GRAPHS OF HISTORICAL DATA to process trends. You can scroll up or down to move between accounts, tap the Title to view different stats, pinch screen to change view between weekly/monthly/yearly, swipe left and right to see previous data etc. (NEW)
+ PERIODIC REPORTING VIA EMAIL – daily, weekly or monthly on all stats tracked for any account you choose. You can adjust each account in the settings screen(NEW)
+ PROACTIVE SUPPORT AND DEVELOPMENT TEAM who listen to their community
+ SERVICES ADDED TO REGULARLY – users can request inclusion of a favorite from inside the app
+ HAVING EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE facilitates big picture awareness
+ IOS7 COMPATIBLE – bells and whistles!
+ FREE VERSION with advertising now available – take the app for a test drive! (NEW)

Services currently available:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- YouTube
- Analytics
- Github
- FeedPress (NEW)
- Dribble

How to’s:

- Tap account tab on main screen to cycle through important metrics
- Press and hold account tab to sort
- Swipe account tab right to access further functionality:
- Swipe down to refresh
- Tap notifications tab at bottom of screen to access further functionality:
Access notifications tab (tap this to view notification info in more detail)
Access help to issue a ticket and request functionality
Access settings (where you can set up/deactivate periodic reporting via email and push notifications, account by account)
- Tap graph icon and rotate the phone

Run into a problem? Have a suggestion? Just want to say hi? We’d love to hear from you – info@pandabox.com.

If you want to monitor more than 5 accounts at once you will need to purchase additional slots with an in-app-purchase.

Whats new

You’re feedback has informed inclusion of some great new functionality in this build. Keep it coming!

- Graphs displaying historical data.
- Notifications tab added to bottom of screen for quick access to further functionality.
- Account details screen provides further information.
- Swipe right functionality added to account tabs to access further functionality.
- You can now view graphs of historical data for each account.
- Push notification alerts functionality now added.
- Periodic reporting via email functionality added – daily, weekly or monthly on all stats tracked for any account currently added.
- New backend + sign-up/login added (to support email functionality, support multiple phone log ins and improve performance).
- Some design tweaks.
- We’ve added connectivity to FeedPress.
- Bug fix – issue encountered by some users unable to connect Facebook account has now been fixed.

Next update is going to be focused on adding new services.

Expected update release : February 2014

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